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Hello again, by @derthomas! 🤩

Mhmm last week I used as hashtag, don't know.

Today a local band in a local club:
Accuser - Unreal Perception🖤 🎸 🤘

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Because there should be no list without them

2. Gojira: The Fall

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I make it harder for myself for being late as usual, so I may share duplicates again to @neurothing's about - I will cheat a bit and add , too. 🧵

Let's kick off with something ancient:

5. Primordial: Autumn's Ablaze

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One man band from Mexico. This comes straight out of the vat of sewer death metal populated by bands like Undergang, Cerebral Rot, and Cryptworm. Stock up on bleach before hitting play.

Gorging On Mephitic Rot from STENCHED

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I played that werewolf game and I'm stunned they got it so wrong. It's completely unsexy which is like the whole point? What did you think men transforming into wild beasts was a metaphor for?

Powerwolf gets it.